Laser Lipo

The Laser Lipo Inch Loss System uses a non-invasive 3B cold red laser that reduces the size of fat cells without destroying or damaging them. Laser Lipo offers The “Strawberry” and “Strawberry & Cream” Inch Loss Systems. Both were FDA cleared in 2013 and able to treat: abdomens, arms, legs, male chest, back, buttocks and “muffin-tops” / “love handles”

  • Treatment areas include: abdomen, arms, legs, male chest, back, buttocks and “muffin-top” / “love-handles”
  •  Non-invasive, painless relaxing treatments
  •  10-20 minute treatment times
  •  Results on the FIRST treatment
  •  No consumables
  •  Small, lightweight, portable (13.2 lbs)
  •  Easy to clean
  •  Affordable for your client (average $200 per session)

Laser Lipo Inch Loss Units Include:

The Strawberry & Cream

The Strawberry

The “Strawberry & Cream” (Premium Unit) is capable to accommodate future attachments to include: chin/jowl, stretch mark and eye-bag applications.

The “Strawberry” Inch Loss Only (Standard Unit) has all the same basic features as the “Strawberry & Cream” except for the future attachments option.